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Join the movement now!

Were not just some brand that wants your money!

We want your life!

Your life to Improve so you can show the world who you are.

So Join our movement Today!

Make the Haters hate!

Whats the best feeling in the world/

Watching them haters hate!

Forget staying Humble rock your Hutsle on your chest and rub it in their face.

Remember when they laughed at you?

Said youy aint gonn make it? 

Well now your gettin to the bag everyday and let them know.

Black Owned

Gettin to the bag is Black owned straight from the heart of Missouri.

By becoming part of this movement now only is your mindset evolving but your helping us put generational wealth for our kids and their kids.

Where Hustling becomes more than just a mindset but a movement

Gettin to the bag simply makes me feel good. Having this on my chest when im lifting makes me feel amazing. Knowing that there is a cultural mindset in our communiy makes me unstoppable 

Robert Floyd

This brand represents each and every one of us in the black community and the mindset we must have to thrive.

Jasmine Weathers

Although I may be old my dreams are bigger than ever. Sometimes that old age can bring me down but when i see my Gttb shirt on puts a fire in me. My momma and her momma have been waiting for us to make it and the time is now.

Barbra James